Agency Side Jobs Goes Live.

Posted on Monday, November 12, 2018 by Jen WrightNo comments

Agency Side Jobs has been created to cater for a sector which has grown exponentially over the past few years and has a skills requirement and cultural definition all of its own.

Having spent some 10 years in the recruitment industry operating within this very individual sector,  it’s become very apparent it has a unique culture and a need to focus it’s talent sourcing requirement, hence the creation of Agency Side Jobs.

Agency Side is a phrase coined by those within this sector to label or identify themselves apart from the rest of the industry who operate client side. This sector covers Marketing, Advertising, Media, Public Relations, Design, Brand, Search and many other agency types and comes with it a certain Kudos which often proves to be quite difficult to break into for those who have worked client side.

Of course there are other Job Boards providing aspects of this but not as a sole offering. This market is catered for amongst other roles that are based client side. Many of these job boards I have used as a recruiter when searching for talent and some are very good at what they do, we just wanted to create an even better, more targeted solution for companies and recruiters sourcing talent that work agency side.

This site will give Agency owners, HR Managers and Recruiters alike a place to advertise their jobs without worrying about additional work throughout the screening process, often as a result of unwanted applications from candidates outside the Agency Side sector. In turn this job board will also give the candidate a more focused job search portal, enabling them to spend time viewing jobs that are for their market, Agency Side!

The creative and associated industry accounts for around 7.3 percent of our economy,  employ in the region of 1.8 million people and is growing approximately 5% year on year which is staggering. The creative industry is a similar size to the UK’s financial sector and as such should have a place apart from other industries to advertise it’s vacancies.

We recognised there was a need for a site that caters solely for this sector and it’s now waiting to help you connect with the talent that makes it what it is today. We hope that you benefit from it and the people that use it.

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